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Our independent valuation services – your key to informed decision making

An exemplary service to suit your needs

By using an independent valuation service you are more likely to realise the true worth of a painting - such as this charming portrait (Circa 1840) of a lady wearing a black dress with a lace collar,

Our valuation services provide accurate estimates of worth to individuals, organisations, institutions and companies. This information is essential when considering the financial protection; the fair distribution; and sale of antiques, fine art and chattels, either owned or held in trust. Before undertaking a valuation we determine each of our customer’s requirements and modify our services to fit their individual needs. What is consistent, however, is our impartial, professional and discrete approach.

To realise an artworks true worth, such as this portrait of a suited young gentleman (Circa 1840), we advise you use an independent valuation service

Our customer’s comments since our launch in 2009 have been overwhelmingly positive. They speak warmly of the assistance and the attention we gave them and the valuation services provided. This feedback is much appreciated and it encourages our team to continue to reach the same high standards.

When you instruct Culvertons to work on your behalf, we take direction from you and act with your best interests at heart. From that point on you have access to our valuer’s expertise and our network of contacts. Whether your assessment of worth is for insurance, probate or tax purposes, our report, support and advice will give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Changing tastes and values – from Blake to Banksy

Traditionally, the notion of what was valuable within the home stemmed from the reverence given to artworks and antiques by peers. In the past, this accepted wisdom afforded heirlooms some protection against being inadvertently undersold. Dramatic changes to mainstream decorative tastes have meant that past notions of value can no longer be relied upon.

One of several valuable artworks by M.F Hussain, discovered during a routine appraisal

Works of art in this decorative-driven market are especially prone to be dismissed, simply due to personal taste. This instinctive and natural reaction can, unfortunately, lead to huge financial losses. Our experts have identified important contemporary and abstract paintings which have subsequently sold for five-figure sums. Without our intervention, they would have been casually disposed of as they were not to the owner’s liking.

If you have any doubt regarding the value of possessions you own or represent, do seek our valuation services for a second opinion.

How to access our expert valuation services?

If you would like to learn more about our services, wish to arrange a valuation, or just need some questions answered, please get in touch via our contact page. Alternatively, you are most welcome to call into our gallery in Dorking, Surrey. Our opening times do vary to accommodate site visits, however, updates are posted on our home/contact and google business pages at the beginning of each week.

Find out more about our fees

The valuation services we offer are all competitively priced and clearly set out. Executors and representatives of an estate can rest assured that our standard fee for carrying out a valuation for probate purposes is fixed. It also includes free access to a broad range of support packages to help reduce their workload.

Clients requiring a valuation for financial protection purposes will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, under certain criteria.

A group of civil and military medals, that formed part of a deceased's estate, once appraised we arranged consignment to the auction house that best served the estate's interests.
This group of medals formed part of a deceased’s estate. After research and consultation, they were consigned to the auction house that best served the estate’s interests.

Do we offer free antique valuation services?

Yes, there are two ways in which you can access our services without charge. Firstly, if you take some pictures of the item and attach them to an email, we will return you an informal appraisal along with an estimate of its open market value. We make every effort to respond promptly, however, this does depend on the amount of work we have scheduled. Secondly, and by prior arrangement, you are welcome to bring small objects into our gallery so they can be valued by a member of our team. Understandably, we try to limit this complimentary service to one or two pieces but we will happily prepare a quotation to value larger quantities of artworks, antiques, or chattels on your behalf.

The owner of this Newlyn copper charger, decorated with leaping fish and sea creatures, had a value in mind, based on an auction room’s appraisal - Culvertons purchased it for a higher sum!

You can be assured of our independence

Culvertons are not linked or beholden to any other organisation, auction house or solicitors. Our valuations for probate or insurance purposes are never adjusted to reflect any outside interest. They are always based on current open market levels of worth which our experts accurately estimate using their experience and knowledge.

Are your items insured whilst being appraised by our valuers?

Yes, we have high-quality insurance cover in place to adequately protect your antiques and artworks, whilst they are being assessed, held in storage, or transit. If, however, the value of the item or collection is greater than our policy allows, we would need to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement before its appraisal.

Do we provide a valuation service in your area?

Culvertons offer its valuation services throughout central and southern England principally in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and London.

What our clients say...

"Culvertons provided a fantastic service right from the beginning, in delighting us in firstly finding the sofa and chairs that we had been looking for over 18 months – good old comfortable sofas! As the furniture required to be reupholstered Jonathan co-ordinated the whole process from providing sample swatches to select the fabric; working with the upholster to get them reupholstered and arranged the delivery. We very happy with the outcome and now have furniture in our living room! Rgds, Michelle"

Michelle Young, Head of Business Change Management, Dimension Data United Kingdom