Our Probate Services

Probate services – expertise & support every step of the way

First steps – obtain an accurate valuation

Culvertons continues to develop its probate services to meet the individual needs of executors and administrators and the challenges they face. From day one estate representatives can call upon our expertise. We will provide accurate estimates of open market value for the movable items (chattels) within the estate. Our completed report becomes an invaluable source of reference, enabling informed decision-making and asset optimisation. This service provides the information required by HMRC and brings our clients a step closer to receiving their Grant of Probate.

What can our services achieve while you apply for Probate?

If the deceased owned property in their sole names, executors will need to wait until probate has been granted before selling or transferring any items. Whilst their hands are tied, there is no reason why we cannot start to make inquires and plans on their behalf. Such as negotiating favourable terms and conditions with suitable auction houses; making future logistical arrangements; and if requested, undertaking the restoration and conservation of items that are to be sold or bequeathed. For a full list of ways we can help representatives during the probate process, which are included within our standard fee, please visit our estate services page.

How can we help, now you can begin administering the estate.

Our services can now really start to reduce the number of items that surround you on a daily basis. Distributing the larger items that have been bequeathed to beneficiaries and to charities; consigning items to auction; arranging and undertaking the charitable donation and recycling of the residual effects, and the final clearance of the property. Basically, during this period we can maximise the value of the movable items, whilst minimising the cost to the estate and its impact on the environment.

If you are not required to apply for probate, you can still use our services

For whatever reason it becomes necessary to sell, donate or relinquish possessions, Culvertons can assist you. Even if clients are not obliged to undertake a valuation for the purposes of probate, our advice would still be to contact us. Generally, we will request that you send some images attached to an email of the items in question. This is to get a better understanding of your situation so we can advise you accordingly. If we see that it’s justified; for example, if you have a large quantity of potentially commercial items, a valuation may still be your best course of action. Our standard fee would still apply, and it would not only give you free access to all our estate services but our report provides the key information you need to move forward with confidence.

How do I contact Culvertons?

To arrange an estate valuation, ask a question about our services, or seek some help and advice, please visit our contact page.

Are our probate services available in your area?

We offer our probate services throughout central & southern England: principally in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, and London.

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