Valuing the moveable items (chattels) within a deceased’s estate.

Culvertons will undertake an entire house contents valuation for probate purposes, or value just a few personal items within a deceased’s estate. Regardless of size, complexity, or market value, executors and administrators can rest assured the service offered meets any legal requirement placed upon them and will be accurate, timely, and affordable.

Conducting valuations in a professional and sensitive manner, a Culvertons valuer will compile a report that will take full account of market trends. Giving confidence to representatives that the estate’s value is being optimised and incorrect estimations avoided.

Our fees for the valuation of the contents of an estate are fixed, transparent, and competitive

Included within our standard fee is a broad range of estate services designed to help and support estate’ representatives.

I have requested a valuation – what happens next?

Our general valuer appraises a 19th Century gilded bronze figure. Jonathan will conduct the initial  meeting with estate representatives and document the items to be valued.

Jonathan, our general valuer, will travel to meet estate representatives at a mutually convenient time. On arrival, once information has been recorded about the deceased and their estate, the documenting of personal belongings can begin. Jonathan will happily discuss the items within the estate and answer any questions you may have.

Items that have an open market value, such as Antiques; fine art; jewellery; collectables; books, household goods, and miscellaneous items will all feature within our valuation. Another point to remember, motor vehicles are classified as chattel and their value should also be assessed for probate.

To request Culvertons’ services, or some help and advice, please visit our contact page.

Who will conduct the valuation of the estate?

Our general valuer’s expertise and experience are extensive. However, a house contents valuation for the purposes of probate can be challenging due to the variety of objects within, for example, fine art, antiques, collectibles, and vintage items. All require identification and accurate estimates of value. To achieve this we have retained the services of a team of dedicated experts. Although their need to be on-site depends on our initial findings, they will nevertheless be involved throughout the valuation and research process.

This small but highly desirable abstract landscape was discovered during a house contents valuation for probate. It was painted by one of India's foremost contemporary artists, Syed Haider Raza.

Our professional approach frequently shines a light on objects of value and interest that might have otherwise been overlooked or neglected. These items can be of great financial benefit to an estate.

Find out more about this abstract landscape painting. It was discovered whilst conducting a routine house contents valuation for probate purposes, in Surrey

Submitting a low valuation – is it acceptable and an established practice?

No, current probate law (section 160 of the 1984 inheritance tax act) stipulates that assets belonging to a deceased’s estate require an open market valuation. Or in other words an accurate estimate of the price the items might reasonably be expected to fetch when sold at auction (auctioneers hammer price before any deductions).

Submitting correct estimations of value to HMRC may reduce the time it takes for them to calculate estate duty, and certainly reduces the chance of any future penalties.

Please note – obtaining accurate and impartial estimates of value is key to making informed judgments regarding estate assets. Particularly, when liquidating and distributing items that have not been bequeathed or retained.

Does every item need to be recorded and valued?

Items that have an open market value of £500 or more require a separate listing and photograph. At the same time, HMRC allows the value of the remaining items to be displayed as a cumulative total. A verbal or written breakdown of these lower-value items is available free of charge on request.

How long do I have to wait until I receive my completed estate valuation?

Executors and estate representatives need to fulfil their duties in a timely manner. To help achieve this, our target is to dispatch the completed report within seven days. Consequently, approval for draft versions of the valuation will, when possible, be requested by email.

With prior agreement, a short extension may be sought when valuing large or complicated collections.

Would we undertake a house contents valuation for probate purposes in your area?

Culvertons principally work throughout Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, including London. However, we would visit any property (house, flat, storage unit or country estate, etc ) located in central & southern England to undertake a contents valuation for probate.

How do I contact Culvertons?

To arrange an estate valuation, ask a question about our services, or seek some help and advice, please visit our contact page.

If the items you wish to have valued are portable, you are welcome to bring them to our Dorking showroom. So as to avoid disappointment please contact us beforehand to make sure a valuer is available.

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