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Fine Art & Antique Valuations - Restoration & Conservation Specialists

Culvertons undertake fine art & antique valuations, restoration & conservation projects, and provide a broad range of probate & estate services aimed at reducing the work load of solicitors and executors. Where we are asked to prepare formal antique and art valuations, we retain the services of dedicated experts to ascertain open market or replacement values. Thoughtful antique restoration and sensitive art conservation is conducted by our team of skilled craftsmen and women - all Culvertons' specialists are chosen for their knowledge, abilities and discretion.

With such resources available, we can identify value and conserve the often-varied array of objects and art-works which can frequently come to light during the valuation of a deceased's estate. We can also appraise works in private or institutional collections when deemed prudent to take financial cover against theft or damage kompozit panel or to substantiate an existing claim for purposes of replacement or re-imbursement.

The antiques & fine art markets are undergoing a major re-adjustment, as they try to keep pace with our changing attitudes to lifestyle and interior decoration. This re-evaluation has left many private individuals, collectors and institutions bewildered at the ever lowering values of their once highly- regarded possessions and investments. But thankfully a new and exciting market has emerged, propelling the obscure, vintage and industrial items into the lime-light. With affordability and accessibility at its core, this market orientated towards the decorative has rejuvenated the interest of the young, and as a consequence certain antiques are being re-evaluated for their ability to compliment these 21st century interiors. How these effects are altering opinions and values within each area of the antiques & fine art market are outlined within each of our Valuation Specialists’ pages.  

Our impartial, competitive and confidential services

Culvertons' valuation, restoration, conservation and estate services are avalable throughout central & southern England principally in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and including London.

On request Culvertons will provide an accurate appraisal and photographic record

Help can also offered in:

  • Substantiating an existing claim for replacement or re-imbursement purposes.

On request a Culvertons’ restorers will professionally and sympathetically:

And our conservators will:

  • Preserve the integrity and stability of your work of art, thus maximising the chances of it existing for future generations’ enjoyment and study.

Culvertons’ directors pride themselves both on customer service and strong ethical working practices, striving to ensure these are demonstrated in all aspects of the work they do.

You may not yet be familiar with the refreshingly open approach Culvertons seeks to adopt in the services it offers, but we hope that after meeting our professional and dedicated staff you will make contact again kız yurdu ankara and allow us to help with any of your requirements.

Culvertons Knowledge and experience just a phone call away.


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