‘Wild Strawberries’ – a finely carved walnut panel

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Description: Over the years, many rare and expensive antiques have passed through our hands, however, it is these works of art, often crafted with no expectation of financial gain, that really appeals in so many ways. The skill required to carve this enchanting American walnut panel can be clearly seen, but the story behind its creation keeps me coming back to wonder and ponder some more - was it carved as a gift or token, or just for sheer personal pleasure? It will be a few months before we can pick wild strawberries again, so this panel is a lovely reminder of what is to come. It can be easily hung, using its original fixing located at the top of the panel (see image), or displayed, as it is in the gallery, on a miniature easel. Apologies, the measurements listed are close but approximate, they will be updated as soon as possible - 27cm wide x 35 cm high.

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