Set of Late 19th Century antique mounted Alpine ibex horns

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Description: Antique mounted horns have always fascinated me, not only because of the fantastic animals they used to adorn but because they are beautiful natural works of art in their own right. In my mind, the clock can not be turned back, and the previous unenlightened generations re-educated, however, we can continue to marvel at the many natural history specimens they, in their ignorance, took from the wild. As you can see in the images of this Late 19th Century set of deeply ribbed mounted Alpine ibex horns is visually very appealing. They create a dramatic decorative focal point in an interior especially when spot-lit. This set is mounted on its original oak shield. The horns and shield are in excellent original condition, however, there is a very small amount of old, but stable, damage to the original plaster boss that the horns are set into. Depending on your viewpoint (whether you prefer antique natural history specimens totally original, or not) we would be happy to restore this small area within the asking. If you would like to read more about the Alpine Ibex, and the conservation project that has increased numbers in the wild to the point where they are thankfully now, according to the IUCN, a species of least concern, please visit .Measurements 67 cm high x 31 cm wide x 36 cm deep

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