Medieval rood screen (section)

Price: £650.00

Description: Apart from its obvious visual appeal, this gothic framed section of a 15th Century oak rood screen has a quiet, understated quality that draws the attention and creates conversation. (Rood or rood cross, sometimes known as a triumphal cross, is a cross or crucifix, specifically the large crucifix set above the chancel of a medieval church on a beam or screen) Thanks to the later addition of a well-chosen weathered and distressed oak surround, the inner historic framework is fully supported and can be used in many different decorative schemes or projects. With some ingenuity, and without risk of damage to the original medieval tracery or frame, it could easily be used to enhance a work of art, such as a sculpture, carving, stained glass panel or painting. And with a little forethought, it could also be used in a more structural manner. Measurements - 64 cm high x 46 cm wide x 12 cm deep

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