Antique bentwood rocking chair (Circa 1920)

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Description: This lovely antique bentwood rocking chair is very reminiscent of a design first patented by Michael Thonet in the 1860s. He created the first bentwood rocking chair by steaming pieces of wood to effectively shape the rocking chair's rocker into its graceful swoop. However, this upholstered example was made between 1900 - 1930. It is in lovely condition. The frame retains a good depth of colour and an attractive patina, indicating that this chair has been carefully looked after throughout its life. The kilim style fabric compliments the frame, is very clean and in excellent condition. "I am 6'2" tall, I have tested this chair, and found it to be well-designed, safe, and comfortable." - unlike many antique rocking chairs, this example does not, if used normally, allow the user to rock back too far. Measurements - 102 cm deep x 95 cm high x 49 cm wide.

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