Animal bone fragments excavated by Albert Leslie Armstrong – Creswell Caves

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Description: The following collection of notated animal bone fragments was unearthed in 1930 during a well-documented archaeological dig by Albert Leslie Armstrong (Leslie) at the Creswell Caves site which is situated on the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border - Wooly Rhinocerous (15cm Long x 6 cm high x 8 deep); Mammoth (possibly Tibia, 18 cm x 4 cm high x 2 cm deep); probably mammoth (14xm long x 3 cm high x 4.5 cm deep); reindeer antler (14 cm long, 9 cm high x 1 cm deep); bone gnawed by hyaenas (11cm long x 3 cm high x 1cm deep); possible reindeer bone 8 cm long x .5 cm high x 2 cm deep). To find out more about the fascinating Cresswell cave site, the periods of occupation, and Albert Leslie Armstrong, please use the following secure links -

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