An eight day mahogany wall clock with a 10″ dial – Elliot fusee movement

Price: £575.00

Description: Compact size, complexity of detailing to the dial, quality of the case and cast brass bezel (surround that holds the glass), plus the fact that it is driven by an English F.W Elliot Ltd fusee movement are all features that originally drew me towards this unusual and attractive 1940's 8-day wall clock. Why unusual ? Well the dial has the 'Smiths 8 day' insignia upon it and Smiths were competitors of Elliot's so there is a conundrum to solve there. Also 'B R' apart from the obvious ... is a mystery. However it was obvious during servicing this clock that there was no evidence of alterations, on the contrary the case, dial and movement all appeared untouched from the time of manufacture. This clock keeps excellent time and its robust appearance supports its possible ministerial, war time or railway past. Measurements - 34 cm diameter x 14cm deep

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