An antique brass rise & fall students desk lamp

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Description: This style of student desk lamp has been popularized by its portrayal in many period drama's and text, so much so that it has been a staple design for many manufacturers to the present day. However, this is a fine, restored, re-electrified and tested original students desk lamp (Circa 1900 - 1920). The rise and fall mechanism is secured with a threaded brass toggle which tightens on to a brass column. So, as you would expect, there are marks and indentations where the height of the lamp has been adjusted over the last century - a reassuring indication of its age. The originality of the attractive decorated ruby shade to the lamp cannot be guaranteed but it is certainly from a similar period. Measurements: shade 13 cm diam (widest point) , base - 14.5 cm diam, height 62 cm.

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