A unique mahogany & boxwood specimen chest from the late 19th century.

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Description: One-off pieces, such as this attractive late nineteenth-century 7-drawer mahogany specimen chest, have always been a particular passion of mine. Anything a skilled artisan has invested vast amounts of time and energy into, probably for personal, rather than financial gain, gets my vote every time. When working independently, quite often, the cabinet maker's choice of timber and decoration makes the piece they are working on, stand out. In this case, they chose to face the drawers with two different cuts of mahogany, one denser than the other. By, cleverly separating the two with some mellow boxwood banding, the final appearance is an appealing blend of tones. The original miniature fretted brass drawer handles, very much in fashion during this period, complement, rather than overpower, the chest. The half-round turnings that decorate the chest's canted corners, along with its well-proportioned turned tulip feet are the perfect finishing touches. This specimen chest, like many of its counterparts, would have had sheets of glass that would have slid onto the tops of each drawer, to protect its fragile contents - we would happily reinstate these at cost if so desired. Each drawer is loosely lined with very pale blue/grey sugar paper. Measurements - 32cm deep x 53 cm wide x 51.5 cm high.

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