A pair of Edwardian armorial shields

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Description: These evocative and richly painted armorial shields from the Early part of the 20th Century are a decorators dream. They would make perfect additions to a period or contemporary interior, however, in conjunction with old leather and panelled walls you are instantly transported to University life @ Oxford or Cambridge, in a trice. The reverse of each, bares the stamp of James Rogers of 51 High Street Oxford. James worked between 1907 & 1952 as a sculptor, craftsman in wood and heraldic artist. When displayed in large numbers these original shields look amazing, so this pair could start your collection ! The arms on the left are of the Worshipful Company of Drapers, one of the livery companies in London. The arms on the right hand side have the arms of Exeter College in Oxford on the dexter side, and on the sinister side they are likely to be the arms of a rector of the college (still researching). Measurements 30 cm high x 23 cm wide x 3 cm deep

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