A Heals ‘Russet Oak’ Chest of Drawers

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Description: This appealing limed oak chest of two short and three long drawers was part of the 'Russet Oak' collection, manufactured by Heal's for sale from their showrooms in the Tottenham Court Road, London W1 - their trade mark ivorine button can still be found on the edge of the top-right drawer. The solid oak for the drawer fronts was cleverly chosen and cut to accentuate it's grain, giving a pleasing undulating appearance. Its design, colouration and limed finish has become synonymous with this period and manufacturer. When restoring these chests, less is more is an approach we often take, as their traditional waxed surface provides little hiding place for the skills of the polisher, and any attempts to correct historic blemishes often detracts rather than improves. At some stage in the past, the top right hand drawer's handle was probably detached, and during that period it looks as access was gained using other methods, this has caused minor indentations to the oak along the top edge. There is also a very light mark on the back edge of the top, probably caused by perfume. However, these hardly noticeable imperfections are now part and parcel of its story and, in our opinion do not detract from its overall appearance. Measurements - 102.5 high x 91.5 wide x 48 deep.

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