A fine inlaid Edwardian mahogany pedestal desk

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Description: On discovering this fine satinwood banded mahogany pedestal desk, we were surprised it did not carry the stamp of one of the leading Edwardian cabinet making firms, such as Edwards & Roberts. Looking at the quality of the craftmanship employed in its construction, choice of timber, the use of top quality Hobbs & Co. locks (serviced with keys supplied) and its overall crisp and pleasing appearance, it certainly deserves such an attribution. There was no need to replace the light green writing surface (quality full hide with gold leaf decoration), because with just a little enhancement its quality and appealing character reappeared. The bottom two drawers on each pedestal are in fact one double drawer, offering the user more storage for files etc - judging by the quality of the conversion, which is exemplary, we feel that this was commissioned shortly after its original manufacture. Now, professionally restored and standing at the correct height for comfortable use this antique pedestal (comes into three pieces) desk is ready, once again, to be used and enjoyed. Measurements - 122 cm wide x 68 cm deep x 76.5 cm high.

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