A charming 4-drawer antique mahogany writing table

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Description: This antique mahogany writing table has many attractive qualities both practical and decorative. It probably spent a high proportion of its life in a small library, however, It would not be inaccurate to describe it as an antique partner's writing table. Its dimensions are perfect for two people working opposite each other - each person would have two mahogany-lined lockable drawers for storage, both would share the more than adequate 91 cm square leather-lined work surface, and most importantly there is plenty of knee/leg room (62 cm rather than the recommended 60cm) which is rare for this period. Its size also lends itself to being a focal point within a room, ideal as a basis for a larger decorative scheme. Now after sensitive restoration, the subtle figuring (fiddle back) and glorious understated colour of the mahogany have come to the fore. An appealing writing desk, designed with a restraint that is synonymous with the 1840s. Measurements - 91 cm wide x 91 cm deep x 76 cm high.

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