Carved oak table-top cabinet by E Goodchild

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Description: Without the myriad of diverting tech that consumes so much of our spare time, E Goodchild in the Late 19th Century focused their talents on producing this charming carved oak table-top cabinet. The Green Man motif, a legendary being primarily interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, decorates the top, along with deeply carved floral motifs and mythical creatures to the doors and side panels. So pleased was E Goodchild with his labours, and rightly so, they stamped their name, although rather faintly, to the front of the bottom shelf. This cabinet is in good original condition and has been sensitively restored - and as a nod to the many hours E Goodchild must have spent at the workbench we added the hand-made paper lined interior. Measurements - 28cm wide x 33 cm high x 22 cm deep.

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