A 1950’s articulated glove display stand

Price: £675.00

Description: I have really enjoyed having this 1950's glove display stand in our gallery, so much so, I have always found an excuse not to put it online, however, it's time to share the joy ! It did have a large bracket to it's base that would have been fixed to a shop counter. Even though it was original, I decided to change it for the round base you can see in the images, so it could be easily used and appreciated within the home. All the chromium plated fittings and stem are original and as you can see its age can be assessed by looking at the rather pleasing and decorative surface deterioration. Not only would this mid-century glove display work as stand-alone piece of sculptural art, it also could be used for displaying many other items, such as jewellery. Approx. measurements - 107cm high x 58 cm wide x 15 cm (dia. base)

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