19th Century mahogany hall bench

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Description: There is something rather special about a hall bench - they are functional and versatile (they look great in an entrance hall, at the end of a bed or as a window seat) ,yet pleasing on the eye, and the simplicity of their design can provide the basis on which a decorative scheme can grow.. This lovely mahogany example from the 1840's has recently undergone some sensitive restoration - the restorer has skilfully retained both its character and its warm and appealing colour. When appraising a hall bench we always turn it upside down to see if the original glue blocks that hold the seat in place are still there, as it gives us some indication of how it has been looked after - as you can see from the image they are all still in situ. As benches of this type are there to be used and enjoyed, we do expect a certain amount of historic marking to the legs - apart from adding to its character, it is also a good indication of a benches authenticity. A nice example of a sought after piece of antique furniture. Measurements 121 cm wide x 30 cm deep x 49 cm high

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