19th Century brass-bound camphor wood chest

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Description: On discovering this Late 19th brass bound camphor wood travelling trunk I could immediately see its potential - it was the widest example I had come across, making it a perfect candidate to sit at the end of a bed or as a coffee table and a central feature in a room. Also the figuring to the grain on its top, which has drawn much praise since being on display in our gallery, was the most appealing yet. After 150 years of travelling the globe it was in need of considerable restoration. However, even though it was a labour of love to return it to its present state, we are very pleased with the finished result . To protect the floor directly beneath the chest we have added four wooden blocks, one under each corner, each shaped and aged, so they do not look out of place. To protect the lid and its owner we have fixed two strong lengths of brass chain to the inside of the chest and lid - in this way the lid will happily and safely stay open when in use. Measurements - 48 cm high x 137 cm wide x 55 cm deep

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