17th Century English oak panelled coffer

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Description: The large numbers of early English coffers still in existence, bears testament to the durability and strength of the homegrown oak often used in their construction. However, many of the coffers that are offered to us, have had alterations or show signs of excessive wear and tear, which is understandable when considering their great age. In the course of a year we may only find a few examples that for reasons of originality, condition and decoration, really appeal, and this 17th Century panelled oak coffer is one such example. The overall condition of the coffer is good with no obvious replacements. The lock and hinges appear to be original to the time of construction, as does the decorative tracery and chip carving to the front stiles and panels. The surface colour has that characteristic pleasing warmth and subtlety of tone looked for in Early English oak. Measurements - 119.5 cm wide x 57 cm deep x 63 cm high

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