17th Century caryatids & canephora (7)

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Description: If we are lucky, one or possibly a pair of 17th Century oak caryatids or canephora ( female figure carrying a basket) may come our way during the space of a year or two. So, on being offered seven we immediately thought what a positive decorative statement they would make if sold as a group. Originally, the inspiration to embellish furniture with these carved figures came from ancient architecture, where a caryatid was a sculpted female figure that took the place of a load bearing column or pillar. The Greek term karyatides literally means 'maidens of Karyai', an ancient town on the Peloponnese - the male equivalent are called atlantes or an atlas. As you would expect, when considering their age, a small amount of skilled restoration work has been carried out over their lifetime. They retain a good depth of colour which we have sensitively revived. A fine collection (Circa 1640 -1680) that will enhance a contemporary or period interior. Measurements - smallest (32 cm x 10 cm) through to largest (61cm x 10.25 cm).

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