Portrait of Aunt Sophie – oil on canvas (Circa 1830)

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Description: Until recently Aunt Sophie, as she is fondly known, resided with her descendants - each generation taking great care of her well-being. It even appears she was, relatively recently, treated to a few days with a talented conservator as she has been professionally relined using fine linen (as the canvas moves with atmospheric change, linen will move accordingly, preventing buckling and shrinkage). Looking at the style of the fruitwood frame that houses Sophie's portrait and the clothes she is wearing, we think her portrait was painted between 1830 -1840. A good decorative portrait, in lovely condition, which is ready to be hung and enjoyed. Measurements of the frame - 92 cm x 78 cm (canvas measurements are below). Measurements of the stretchered canvas - 76 cm x 63 cm.

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