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James’s 40 years of experience as a clock valuer and dealer stems from being shown a recently inherited clock by a family member when he was eight years old – thirty-five years later James could still retell the occasion in detail, even remembering the name on the dial.

This early fascination grew to become a fulltime career by the mid-1980s and it was at this time James married and relocated to his wife’s home country, Germany. He opened his first shop there, a country rich in horological history, and the area in which he settled – the Black Forest region in the south-west – was particularly well-known for the finely carved cuckoo and novelty clocks on which he became an authority.

Now based in the UK, James regularly exhibits on the English clock fair circuit. His success is substantially due to his ability to anticipate and act on market trends. To locate the rarer and more unusual pieces for his customers he often travels to trade fairs in the USA and South America.

He holds membership in professional organisations, notably the NAWCC (National Association of Watches & Clock Collectors of America).