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Probate Valuation: Documenting the open market worth of items - often throwing light on the forgotten, the overlooked & occasionally valuable.

For probate valuation purposes, Culvertons will provide an accurate estimate of the open market worth of fine art, antiques, books and jewellery, together with the furniture, fixtures and fittings - meeting any legal requirement placed upon executors and administrators for a current valuation of the contents of the deceased’s estate regardless of size.


  • For items with a value of up to £10,000 within an estate, our standard fee for a probate valuation is £230 (no vat to be paid)
  • For a valuation exceeding £10,000 our standard fees only increase by 1 % of the excess
  • You will be given every opportunity to make use of our broad range of probate services - all of which are included within the above fees.

Culvertons’ representatives act with integrity, independence and objectivity. This impartiality should give much needed confidence to beneficiaries, executors and administrators, concerned that the estates value is being optimized and the deceased’s wishes are being carried out. Obtaining accurate and impartial estimates of value is the key to making an informed judgement when deciding how items, that have not been personally bequeathed, are either liquidated or distributed. 

On receiving your instruction to carry out a probate valuation Culvertons will send their general valuer at a mutually convenient time to meet with the representatives of the estate. Once the requisite details have been taken, we are able to start the valuation process - examining and documenting personal belongings such as jewellery, antiques and collectables together with the furniture, fixtures and fittings within the property. Accurately estimating open market values over such a broad spectrum can be only achieved by retaining the services of our team of dedicated experts who are always on hand to give their advice, expertise and time.

Each item with an open market value of £500 (five hundred pounds) or more will have a separate listing within the report and an accompanying photograph as a reference. HMRC allows the remaining items value to be displayed as a cumulative total - Culvertons are always happy to give a verbal or written indication of the background and separate value of these items free of charge when requested.

Once completed and the draft agreed, each representative of the estate will receive a copy of the finished probate valuation and a covering letter inviting all parties involved to make further use of our advisory and probate services.

Our impartial, competitive and confidential services

Culvertons provide valuation, restoration, conservation and probate services, throughout central & southern England, principally in Surrey, Sussex, Kent & Hampshire, and including London.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and strong ethical working practices, striving to ensure these are demonstrated in all aspects of the work we do.

If you wish to arrange an appointment, have a question about our services, or how we would assess items within an estate you are representing, please send us an email via our contact page.

Culvertons‘ knowledge and experience  are just a phone call away.

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