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Taxidermy - Culvertons valuer writes definitive work

01/06/2013 9:10 PM

Culvertons would like to congratulate their natural history specialist, Alexis Turner, for the successful launch of his new book, ‘ Taxidermy ’, published by Thames & Hudson.

‘From style wilderness to height of cool, taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback. No longer confined to stately homes, stuffed animals are appearing everywhere from modern apartments to luxury department stores. High-profile artists have rejuvenated the medium and museums have dusted down their historic collections and put them back on display. Illustrated with stunning photography that explores this rich art form, past and present, this title is the most comprehensive and beautiful survey of taxidermy ever produced.’

Key Information within the book

 • The definitive title on taxidermy; from trophy rooms to museum dioramas, from contemporary homes to contemporary art, hundreds of photographs illustrate every aspect of an art form with a rich history and a new-found cult popularity.

• Specially commissioned photography explores fascinating private collections rarely seen by the public.

• Features examples of anthropomorphic taxidermy – animals in human scenarios – made by Walter Potter and other 19th-century taxidermists.

• A chapter on ‘Zoomorphic’ taxidermy addresses the historically popular genre of furniture and objects fashioned from parts of animals. Bizarre items such as a grizzly bear dumb waiter, an elephant trunk lamp and lobster-claw cutlery have been photographed for the book.

• ‘Freaks and Fakes’ reveals rare and unusual deformities, hybrids and oddities, from a Siamese cyclops lamb to a six-legged piglet.

• Includes many major contemporary artists working with taxidermy, such as Polly Morgan, Charles Avery, Wim Delvoye and Tessa Farmer. Polly Morgan has also allowed unparalleled access to her studio for a special behind-the-scenes photo shoot.

• Beyond interiors, there is coverage of the commercial use of taxidermy, including modern advertising campaigns, department store windows and fashion shoots.

(The above text was taken from a press release issued by Thames & Hudson)

Once disregarded as an area for the niche collector, stuffed wildlife and artefacts with a natural history dimension such as shells, insects, fossils and even the cabinets that housed such collections are now very much in demand for their decorative and often bizarre character. Sometimes overlooked in the appraisal of an estate, an accurate estimation of their value for probate is helpful to executors and administrators, whilst a correct determination of values for insurance purposes enables individuals to make informed judgements regarding their possessions.