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Fine art restoration

Our experience and knowledge is broad and varied especially so within the world of fine art and conservation. Our close links with restorers and dealers stretch back for more than 20 years. This places Culvertons in a perfect position to act as consultants overseeing any restoration needed to your oil painting, watercolour or print. We will steer you past any pitfalls that can trap the inexperienced or wrongly advised.

Culvertons conservators assure firstly that all restoration work will be carried out by a fully qualified and experienced professional. We ensure as a minimum that all the following points are adhered to:

Oil paintings

Before cleaning or varnish removal, rigorous tests are carried out to determine the strength of solution required.

Every possible effort is made to preserve the original painters colours, brushstrokes and artistry for future generations to enjoy. (On too many occasions paint and delicate glazes have been erased through over zealous cleaning by inexperienced hands using inappropriate materials)

When damaged canvasses need to be patched or relined, Linen is used but always carefully chosen to match the structure of the original canvas, as a preservative and the fact that all work can be reversed if necessary wax is heated and used as an adhesive rather than glue which is unfortunately often applied and not reversible.

(Many workshops still use modern adhesives and presses to reline canvasses, this may be more cost effective but the end result more often than not is a rigid unstable canvas with the original brushstrokes flattened, drastically reducing the paintings value and visual enjoyment)

Where torn & missing areas require attention gesso is used to raise the level of the surface, and to touch in these areas paint is mixed by hand in the studio from pure pigments by doing this the newly applied areas will have a very slow rate of colour change, preserving the restoration for years to come. (Quite often non organic modern oil paint is used, and its appearance will change far quicker)

The re varnishing of a painting is a common procedure after conservation and after being distilled within the studio from the best picture varnish resin this final finish enriches and protects the picture giving it depth and an antique sheen and with the added protection of a preservative wax coating your oil painting will be protected against changing atmospherics.


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