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Culvertons’ Environmental Policy. Re-use and recycling commitment

Our Commitment to the Environment... Re- use, recycle, re-invent, re-discover... at Culvertons means we're all doing our bit for our planet!

Here at Culvertons we're firmly committed to doing our bit for the environment, by providing recycled products and environmentally friendly service where possible and here are a few of the practises we follow in order to fulfil those commitments.

  • All the products sold at Culvertons are second hand, so we are effectively one of the most environmentally friendly businesses around!
  • We don't send out paper invoices, unless a client specifically requests it, we send Panerai Replica out email invoices instead.
  • We reuse and recycle packaging for the outer layer of many of our parcels, old wine bottle boxes are really good for shipping china and glass, and they’re designed especially for the job!
  • We reuse all paper that's only been used on one side; we turn this into memo pads for the office.
  • We send as much paper and other materials as possible to be recycled, once we can no longer use it - about 85% of our waste.
  • If we end up with items that are not suitable for the store, we send them to local charity shops, even really tatty fabric, as this is sold by the charity shops as rags for recycling!
  • We do not leave our equipment on standby; we switch everything off, so saving energy.

Where items have been crafted in the past without reference to modern day principles of sustainability we aim to ensure that customers are aware of the situation and that they cherish the items as perhaps the last of their kind. We encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and the effect of mankind on his environment.

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